Our GUIDED TOUR OF THE NIGHT SKY is included within the astronomical observation activities that we carry out from Astronomical Tourism and the Astronomer’s Nest.

The explanations of our astronomer and the use of astronomical equipment will make you travel through a dark sky to distant places that humans have never set foot on. The areas where we propose the experiences are located in rural environments where we enjoy less light pollution.

You will have at your disposal Rural Houses, Caves and the Alicún Spa, to enjoy charming accommodations and, as in the case of the Spa, have Starlight accommodation certification. We also have accommodation such as La Granja Caves (Benalúa de Guadix), Algarves de Gorafe Caves, (Gorafe) and Balcones de Piedad Caves (Balcones-Olivar Guadix). as well as Casa Rural Don Domingo (Santiago-Pontones Jaén) and Huerto Alegre (Granada), all of them certified by the Starlight Foundation.

During the more than two hours of the tour you will be able to see different celestial objects:

– The Moon, the only natural satellite on Earth, marked with dark lunar seas of volcanic origin, where humans have made a manned descent.

– Planetary nebulae (remnants of the death of a star).

– Galaxies (spiral galaxies with swirling arms, colliding galaxies, large universes made up of billions of stars).

– Star clusters (groupings of a large number of stars in a small space)

– Double stars (solar systems with several suns, some with striking color contrasts).

– Planets of the solar system (Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and the rings, and different objects depending on the time of year).

Our tour will begin with the recognition of the sky and will help us to orient ourselves, we will use laser pointers and binoculars, we will recognize the constellations, and we will begin to observe the different objects from telescopes.

Our astronomer will be at your disposal to guide you with different explanations on a tour that will not leave you indifferent.